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Best place to purchase pearls in hyderabad?

Pearls are formed in clams, oysters, and mussels and are made of hexagonal aragonite crystals of calcium carbonate. They are widespread across the planet. Normally white, they can occasionally have a creamy or pinkish tint, but they can also be yellow, green, blue, brown, or black in color. Due to their scarcity, black pearls jewelry are frequently of great worth. Either cultured or natural pearls exist. Cultured pearls are grown in pearl farms and natural pearls are taken from the wild. Freshwater and saltwater pearls are obtained from inland water bodies; up until recently, this was the main source of all pearls.

Hyderabad is known to mother gorgeous and authentic pearls. A lot of buyers often flock to the city in search of these wonderful gemstones. It is also a knowledge center for all things related to pearls in addition to being home to amazing pearl artisans. Consequently, you have the opportunity to own a huge diversity of pearls!

Hyderabad and Pearls

Hyderabad is famously called the Pearl of India since you get authentic pearls at absolutely reasonable prices. Nearly as ancient as the city of Hyderabad itself is the history of pearls. The support of the Qutub Shahi kings and the Asaf Jahis, who were rumored to have a penchant for sparkling jewels, allowed Hyderabad's pearl industry to thrive. The crushed form of the pearls is also thought to also have restorative and beautifying qualities, so they served as both traditional jewelry and cosmetics for this royal clientele.

Places to purchase pearls in Hyderabad

Today pearls can be found literally everywhere, however, not all of these are authentic. Many times, a lot of customers are scammed into paying the price of authentic pearls for the artificial ones. Hence, one must only deal with a reliable seller. In this list we have condensed the same for you.

As per the feedback of most potential pearl customers, Darpan Mangatrai has been voted as the most reliable and affordable pearl store in Hyderabad.

All about Darpan Mangatrai

Darpan Mangatrai is famous for pearls and bridal jewelry. It was established in 1905 by a small group of merchants dealing with pearls, diamonds and precious stones who eventually paved their way to success and glory. Major contributions of it being their honesty and authentic service towards the customers. A very interesting fact about the mangatrai family is that they were the first to introduce the Pearl Jewellery Designs / latest gems 'The Tahitian natural color cultured pearls' in the market.

Why Darpan Mangatrai?

Well, at Darpan Mangatrai you can expect complete transparency. You will be shown nothing but the bestest of the products. Our experts will ensure you find a product that would particularly fit your style and most importantly, your budget. Upon request, we also enable video call where you can view products of your choice in real time. What’s more? We provide lifetime guarantee, free and secure shipping, 100% exchange with 7 days return policy and an authentic certification of each product. You can reach us out on instagram or whatsapp to directly converse with our experts.

What can you find at Darpan Mangatrai?

At Darpan Mangatrai, we offer gold, pearl, diamond and many precious stones jewelry. Starting from Bridal wear to office wear, we have everything, in simple words, it would be a one stop shop. Moreover, we also take customization requests depending on the design for absolutely no extra charges.

Types of pearls you can find at Darpan Mangatrai

Natural pearls:

The most coveted type of pearls are natural pearls. They are very valuable and rare everywhere in the globe. These are made of seawater and are created in the sea when an oyster makes a pearl on its own. Natural pearls are only produced by 1 in 10,000 oysters, and of those few, only an unusual one meets the standards for a gem. The fact that less than 1% of pearls created worldwide are produced naturally highlights the rarity of natural pearls.Wild pearls are created without the help of humans. When an irritant, such as a dust particle or other foreign object, penetrates, oysters, like all mollusks, begin secreting nacre around it as a part of one‘s defense mechanisms, which is how pearls are created. The golden pearls which are again quite rare are also formed this way.

Cultured pearls:

As the term implies, cultured pearls grow within an oyster but in a controlled environment. They are made by inserting a mantle tissue or a shell bead to mantle tissues of a deceased mollusc together into the host oyster. They are copies of real pearls. The harvested pearl is then subjected to drilling and grading after the nacre has finally formed all around inserted particles to form a pearl. Finally, the pearls are categorized based on their luster, size, and form.

When it comes to cultured pearls, there are basically 4 distinct types of pearls all of which can be found at Darpan Mangatrai. They are:

  • 1. Akoya pearls: The best Akoya pearls, which are frequently white in color with rose overtones, are produced in Japanese pearl fields. These saline pearls are rounder and more lustrous than other varieties of cultured pearls, and they are also much more flawlessly round and smooth.
  • 2. South Sea pearls: The finest and most expensive pearls are those from the South Sea. Due to their tendency to grow larger than other varieties of cultured pearls, South Sea pearls are difficult to overlook and stand apart from other pearls. The size of South Sea pearls is large, and their colors vary from optical white to a rich honey gold. These pearls refract light in a soft, opulent manner.
  • 3. Tahitian Pearls: Don't let the natural exotic black color of these pearls deceive you; they also come in deep black, light creamy white, and green hues. The oyster's black lips are what give the hue. These also give blue pearls at times which are considered to be quite costly.
  • 4. Freshwater pearls: Freshwater pearls will appear less glossy and lustrous than seawater pearls. Freshwater pearls are used frequently in multi-strand necklaces and bracelets because they come in a variety of shapes and hues and are typically less expensive than saltwater or ocean pearls.

How to contact?

At Darpan Mangatrai, the In-store shopping experience is different. With first class assistance to quick billing procedure, the store has covered it all. However, if you are keen on placing an order online, you may contact the online executive via the store’s instagram handle or just Whatsapp them directly. One may also place an order via the website. If a customer requires a video call for a better and closer look of the product, they may demand one too. Darpan Mangatrai prioritizes its customers, therefore, they also have tons of discounts and offers almost all year round.


These gemstones that cost a fortune also make a great asset that can be passed down to the upcoming generations. It could genuinely get quite tough to check the authenticity of each pearl before buying. To avoid any of that trouble, Darpan Mangatrai also issues an authenticity certificate for every product bought.

You may visit the store or shop from the comfort of your home without having any worries at all.

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