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The pristine beauty of pearls exudes charm and elegance that is hard to resist. Nothing can make women look charismatic like that of gold with pearl jewellery. Iconic and style staple throughout the decades, pearl gold jewellery remains timeless, special, and luxurious.  No matter what your fashion aesthetics are, there is always a piece of finest pearl jewellery at Mangatrai that suits the occasion, theme, and mood. 

Whether it is a pearl with gold balls necklace for a dinner party gown or pearl tops with gold to flatter your formal wear, you will find everything under a single roof of Mangatrai.  

  • Best Seller
    Gold Balls with South Sea Pearls Necklace
    INR 185,640.09 150,102
  • New Arrivals
    Gold Balls with Saltwater Pearls Necklace
    INR 130,309.38 108,156
  • Gold Balls with Pearls Ruby Emerald Necklace
    INR 186,798.39 156,837
  • New Arrivals
    Designer Gold with Pearls and Real Ruby Emerald Necklace
    INR 103,310.13 88,080
  • Gold balls with Ruby Emerald South Sea Pearls Necklace
    INR 171,754.14 142,331
  • Gold with Pearl and Stone Earrings
    INR 26,224.93 21,156
  • Gold with Grey Saltwater Pearl tops
    INR 16,835.53 13,074
    Out of Stock - Available on Order
  • Best Seller
    Classic Gold with Pearls Necklace
    INR 75,861.67 63,273
  • New Arrivals
    Gold with White Pearl Tops
    INR 23,961.39 20,422
  • Gold with Pearl Earrings
    INR 26,187.85 21,210
  • Best Seller
    Gold with Pink Pearl Tops
    INR 19,817.17 16,417
    Out of Stock - Available on Order
  • Gold with Blackish Purple Pearl Tops
    INR 19,949.95 17,265
    Out of Stock - Available on Order
  • Gold with Cream Southsea Pearl Tops
    INR 29,324.50 20,286
  • New Arrivals
    Gold with White Southsea Pearl Tops
    INR 36,898.47 27,037
  • Gold with White South sea Pearls Drop Earrings
    INR 28,810.85 21,119
  • New Arrivals
    Gold with Golden Southsea Pearls Drop Earrings
    INR 37,037.24 27,057
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