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Pearl Bracelets

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From young blood to the wise ones, everyone has an inexplicable affinity towards pearl jewellery. If you have been looking at ways to incorporate these beauties with casual wear, without making it look overpowering, then a pearl bracelet does the trick. Pearl bracelets come in different shapes, sizes, and patterns that tremendously enhance a woman’s beauty. A white pearl bracelet makes a good choice when you want to profess your unwavering pure love towards your partner.

If you wish to purchase a pearl bracelet online, then look no further than Mangatrai. Be it a classic pearl bracelet or an exotic blackish-purple pearl bracelet, every single design will leave you mesmerized. 

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    Elegant White Pearl Bracelet
    INR 3,400.00 2,040
  • 40 % off
    Adjustable White Pearl Bracelet
    INR 3,050.00 1,830
  • 40 % off
    Exotic Blackish Purple Pearl Bracelet
    INR 4,100.00 2,460
  • 40 % off New Arrivals
    Elegant Pink Peach Pearl Bracelet
    INR 4,050.00 2,430
  • 40 % off
    Striking Rice Pearl Bracelet
    INR 1,300.00 780
  • 40 % off
    Sparkling Multi-Coloured Pearl Bracelet
    INR 1,850.00 1,110
  • 40 % off
    Reflective Ruby with Baroque Pearl Bracelet
    INR 2,680.00 1,608
  • 40 % off
    Stylish Baroque Pearl Bracelet
    INR 1,700.00 1,020
  • 40 % off
    Marbled Pearl with Ruby Bracelets
    INR 1,550.00 930
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