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Darpan Mangatrai Fine Jewellery showcases a large array of exquisitely hand-crafted jewellery masterpieces. Each piece portrays an idea of our jewellery designers and it’s craftsmen. Darpan Mangatrai is a trusted network of over a million satisfied customers all over the globe since 1905.

You may Enquire about your choice of Fine Jewellery to speak to our Jewellery Experts and Sales Team. 

  • New Arrivals
    Exquisite Diamond Necklace Set
  • Diamond Side Pieces With Akoya Pearl Necklace Set
  • Best Seller
    Fancy Diamond Chain Necklace
  • Best Seller
    Designer Diamond Necklace Set
  • New Arrivals
    Beautiful Emerald And South Sea Pearl Necklace
  • New Arrivals
    Comfortable Uncut Diamond Emerald Chowker
  • New Arrivals
    3 Rows Bejeweled Uncut Diamond Necklace
  • New Arrivals
    Adorable Diamond Necklace Set
  • Best Seller
    Charming Diamond Necklace Set
  • New Arrivals
    Beautiful Diamond Chowker Set
  • New Arrivals
    Fine Nakshi Locket With Uncut Diamond And Emerald Beads Necklace
  • New Arrivals
    Amazing Uncut Diamond And Emerald Beads Necklace
  • New Arrivals
    Unique Uncut Diamond Necklace
  • Best Seller
    Fashionable Uncut Diamond And Emerald Chowker
  • New Arrivals
    Stunning Diamond With Pearls Necklace
  • New Arrivals
    Vintage Pearls With Uncut Diamond Necklace Set
  • Best Seller
    Traditional Laxmi Goddess and Diamond Emerald Necklace Set
  • New Arrivals
    Exotic Diamond With Pearls And Emeralds Beads Side
  • New Arrivals
    Stunning Rosecut Diamond With Burmies Ruby Necklace
  • New Arrivals
    Classic South Sea Pearls with Emerald Necklace Set
  • Best Seller
    Stylish Emerald Uncut Diamond Necklace
  • New Arrivals
    Feminine Emerald Uncut Diamond Necklace Set
  • Best Seller
    Fashionable Diamond Burmies Ruby Necklace
  • Best Seller
    Elegant Uncut Diamond Necklace
  • New Arrivals
    Artisanal Diamond Emerald Chowker
  • Lustrous Ruby Earrings
  • Fascinating Ruby and Emerald Earrings
  • Classic Ruby And Pearls Earrings
  • Unique Diamond Bangle
  • Diamond Ring
  • Best Seller
    Diamond Ring
  • Best Seller
    Real Emerald with Diamond Ring
  • Best Seller
    Charming Diamond Earrings
  • Best Seller
    Colorful Mango Diamond Necklace
  • Beautiful Diamond Jhumka
  • Classic Diamond Tops
  • Best Seller
    Glamorous Diamond Bracelet
  • Solitaire Heart Diamond Ring with Pink Sapphire
  • Antique Diamond Necklace
  • Beautiful Diamond Navaratan Locket
  • New Arrivals
    Kundan NakshiLocket
  • Fashionable Chandbali
  • Shining Diamond Tops
  • Antique Diamond Bracelet
  • SSP with Diamond Bracelet
  • South Sea Pearl with diamond Tops
  • Exotic Diamond and Emerald Chowker
  • Uncut Diamond Chowker and Satlada
  • Exquisite Diamond Vaddanam
  • Bizarre Diamond Locket Set
  • Beautiful Diamond Locket Set
  • Ruby with Diamond Locket Set
  • Emerald with Diamond Locket Set
  • Fashionable Diamond Locket Set
  • Coral Diamond Locket Set
  • Blue Topaz Diamond Locket Set
  • Unique Chain with Diamond Locket Set
  • Classic Emerald Diamond Locket Set
  • Classic Diamond Locket Set
  • Favorite Sapphire Diamond Locket Set
  • Uncouth Uncut Diamond Set
  • Peculiar Uncut Diamond Set
  • Rattling Uncut Diamond Set
  • Lustrous Uncut Diamond Set
  • Charming Uncut Diamond Set
  • Stunning Uncut Diamond Set
  • Unique Uncut Diamond Set
  • Scrumptious Uncut Diamond Set
  • Diamond Cross Locket
  • Lovely Uncut diamond Set
  • Diamond Ganeshji Locket
  • Emerald with Diamond Locket
  • Demosthenic Uncut Diamond Set
  • Blue Sapphire with Diamond Locket
  • Exquisite Uncut Diamond Set
  • Unique Ruby with Diamond Locket
  • Fine Diamond Locket
  • Best Uncut Diamond Set
  • Ruby with emerald Drop Diamond Locket
  • Aristocratic Uncut Diamond Set
  • Splendid Uncut Diamond Set
  • Navratan Diamond Locket
  • Navratan Uncut Diamond Locket
  • Unique Navratan Diamond Locket
  • south Sea Pearl with diamond Locket
  • Sublime Uncut Diamond Set
  • Favorite SSP with Diamond Locket
  • Gorgeous Uncut Diamond Set
  • Unique SSP with Diamond Locket
  • Golden SSP with diamond Locket
  • Unique Uncut diamond Chain
  • Glittering Diamond Locket
  • Dainty Uncut Diamond Set
  • Classic Diamond Locket
  • Comfy diamond Locket
  • Glamorous Diamond Locket
  • Glitzy Diamond Locket
  • Glitzy Uncut Diamond Set
  • Glittering diamond Locket
  • Flirty Diamond Locket
  • Ruby Drop with Uncut Diamond Set
  • Stylish Diamond Locket
  • Emerald with Uncut Diamond Set
  • Cool Diamond Locket
  • Unique Navratna Diamond Locket
  • Gracy Uncut Diamond Set
  • Fine Emerald Diamond Locket
  • Designer Uncut Diamond Set
  • Ruby Emerald with Uncut Diamond set
  • Classic SSP with Diamond Locket
  • Peacock Diamond Locket
  • Unique Uncut diamond With emerald set
  • Charming Diamond Locket
  • Sparkly Diamond Locket
  • Uncut Diamond Antique set
  • Studded Diamond Locket
  • Chunky Diamond Locket
  • Charming Uncut Diamond with Stones Set
  • Cute Diamond Locket
  • Glittering Uncut diamond Set
  • Beautiful Uncut Diamond Set
  • Uncut Diamond Antique Necklace
  • Classy Uncut Diamond with Emerald Necklace
  • Glamorous Uncut Diamond with Emerald Necklace
  • Handcraft Uncut Diamond Necklace Set
  • Diamond with Ruby Bracelet
  • Pretty Uncut Diamond Necklace Set
  • Fine Diamond Bracelet
  • Uneven Shape Uncut Diamond Necklace Set
  • Exotic Diamond Bracelet
  • Nizami Uncut Diamond Necklace Set
  • White SSP with Diamond Bracelet
  • Best Seller
    Sapphire Rose Cut Bracelet
  • Exotic Victorian Necklace Set
  • Unique Diamond Bracelet
  • Everyday Diamond Bracelet
  • Ruby with Diamond Bracelet
  • Emerald Beeds with Victorian Locket Set
  • Beautiful Victorian Necklace Set
  • Classic Diamond Bracelet
  • Glamorous Victorian Necklace Set
  • Comfy Diamond Bracelet
  • Ruby emerald with Rose cut Diamond Bracelet
  • Glittering Victorian Necklace Set
  • Aquamarine with Victorian Locket Set
  • Emerald with Diamond Bracelet
  • Emerald with Victorian Locket Set
  • Favorite Uncut diamond Locket Set
  • Pearls with Victorian Locket Set
  • Fashionable Uncut diamond with Emerald Locket Set
  • Delicate Pearls with Victorian Locket Set
  • Attention-getting Uncut Diamond Locket Set
  • Charming Victorian Necklace Set
  • south Sea Pearls with Victorian Bolls Set
  • Everyday Uncut Diamond Changeable Locket Set
  • Bold Uncut Diamond Locket Set
  • Changeable Uncut Diamond Locket Set
  • Fashionable Victorian Necklace Set
  • Shiny Uncut Diamond Locket Set
  • Attractive Victorian Bracelet
  • Handmade Uncut Diamond Locket Set
  • Unique Victorian Bracelet
  • Peacock Uncut Diamond Necklace Set
  • Laxmi Kasu with Uncut Diamond Necklace Set
  • Pearls with Uncut Diamond Necklace Set
  • Handmade Peacock Uncut Diamond Necklace Set
  • Unique Uncut Diamond Chowker
  • Fashionable Uncut diamond Locket Set
  • Glamorous Uncut Diamond Locket Set
  • Simple Uncut Diamond Locket Set
  • Adorable Gold Locket
  • Unique Uncut Diamond Locket Set
  • feminine Emerald with Gold Locket Set
  • Close Setting Traditional Pendant
  • Attractive Uncut Diamond with Emerald Locket Set
  • Lovely Uncut Diamond with Sapphire Locket Set
  • Classic Uncut Diamond with ruby Bangles
  • Cute Uncut Diamond with emerald Bangles
  • Exotic Diamond Bangles
  • Marvelous Daimond Bangle
  • exotic Uncut diamond with Ruby Bangles
  • Nizami Uncut Diamond with Emerald Bracelet
  • Stunning Diamond Bangle
  • lovely Uncut Diamond Bangles
  • Eye-catching Uncut Diamond Bracelet
  • Best Seller
    Bejeweled Uncut Diamond Bracelet
  • Lovely Uncut Diamond with Ruby Emerald Bracelet
  • Glittering Uncut diamond Bangles
  • Antique Uncut Diamond with Ruby Bracelet