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  • 40 % off New Arrivals
    Rainbow Mala (Real Ruby Emerald Blue and Yellow Sapphire)
    INR 88,400.00 53,040
  • 40 % off Best Seller
    Pearls and Real Ruby Necklace Set
    INR 24,550.00 14,730
  • 40 % off New Arrivals
    Multi Colour Beads and Pearl Necklace
    INR 74,260.00 44,556
  • 40 % off
    Pearls and Real Sapphire Necklace Set
    INR 26,100.00 15,660
  • 40 % off
    Pearls and Real Emerald Necklace Set
    INR 27,000.00 16,200
  • 40 % off
    Attractive Real Ruby Emerald Sapphire Pearls Necklace Set
    INR 42,500.00 25,500
  • 40 % off
    Real Shaded Blue Sapphire and Pearls Necklace Set
    INR 140,000.00 84,000
  • 40 % off
    Seed Pearls with Emerald Beads Necklace
    INR 70,900.00 42,540

Looking to ace up your look with tiny additions or gifts for a loved one? then here are our best sellers to help you. Handpicked by experts, these best pearls Jewellery designs are put together from our vast collection especially for you.

From top pearls necklaces to single pearl lockets, from trendy bracelet to fishhook pearl drops, from exotic pearl choker to emerald beads necklace the options are unlimited. A pearl set is always preserved for generations so is the effort in choosing the best pearl for gifting. When it is Mangatrai you can rest assured of the quality with a lifelong guarantee on every piece of Jewellery. 

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