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How to buy earrings for women?

How To Buy Earrings For Women?

Buying and selection of earrings for your women is no more a task, just follow these simple rules and it will guide you to a perfect purchase of earring for your lady.

01. Earring Metal Composition:

Always know the base metal of the earring you are purchasing. Women’s skin may be allergic to certain metals. Therefore, it’s important for you to know whether the metal is non-allergic. At Darpan Mangatrai, we use non-allergic metals such as gold, platinum, silver and non-allergic alloy.

02. Style of Earrings:

You may select the style of earrings depending on what your lady has or wants. The various styles include: Long Chandelier Earrings, Studs (Non-hangings), Danglers, Traditional Earrings (Jhumka/Chandbali), and others.

03. Face Shape and Cut:

Go for earrings that are best suited depending on your lady’s face shape and cut. Large and heavy studs are preferred for Triangular and Round face shapes, whereas, long and delicate earrings are preferred for Oval face shapes.

04. Neck-Length:

Neck-length is a major factor that determines the suitability of the earrings as long necks and short necks have different attractive angles. Women with long necks should opt for longer earrings, whereas, those with shorter necks should go for short danglers or studs.

05. Match your Necklace:

While choosing for earrings for your women, do keep in mind women often wear earrings with their existing necklaces. Therefore, it is important to recollect the variety of necklaces in your women’s closet and purchase a matching earring going well with the necklaces.

How to select the best earrings for women?

Follow the simple steps in the above mentioned guide to purchasing the perfect pair of earrings for your women.

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