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Have you ever been smitten by the simplicity of a pearl set? We are sure you will after running through Mangatrai pearl set Jewellery designs. The depth of design, the authenticity of original pearls, the beautiful melange of gemstones and pearls have always pulled scores of women to buy pearl set online.

Explore celebratory pearl set designs with price from Mangatrai. Simple yet elaborate, traditional yet contemporary, find every range of pearl neckpieces when you browse for Mangatrai pearl set designs with price.

  • 40 % off Best Seller
    11-14.0mm Black Tahitian Saltwater Pearl Necklace Set-AA Quality
    INR 398,334.00 239,000
  • 40 % off New Arrivals
    Real Tanzanite Beads Necklace
    INR 275,000.00 165,000
  • 40 % off
  • 40 % off New Arrivals
  • Best Seller
    Classic Pearl, Ruby and Emerald Gold Necklace
    INR 211,177.38 181,216
  • New Arrivals
    Beautiful South Sea Pearls, Ruby and Emerald Gold Necklace
    INR 192,998.87 163,575
  • Beautiful South Sea Pearl Gold Necklace
    INR 276,893.86 227,044
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