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  • 40 % off
    Real Emerald Beads and Golden Saltwater Akoya Pearls Necklace Set
    INR 276,550.00 165,930
  • 40 % off New Arrivals
    Real Coral With Golden Saltwater Akoya Pearls Necklace
    INR 267,550.00 160,530
  • Beautiful South Sea Pearls, Ruby and Emerald Gold Necklace
    INR 215,289.60 185,866
  • Beautiful South Sea Pearl Gold Necklace
    INR 304,276.59 254,427
  • 40 % off
    10 -12.0mm Chocolate Tahitian Pearls Necklace Set (Opera Length)-AA Quality
    INR 267,750.00 160,650
  • 40 % off
    11-14.0mm Black Tahitian Saltwater Pearl Necklace Set-AA Quality
    INR 599,050.00 359,430
  • 40 % off
    8.5 -11.0mm White Saltwater South Sea Pearls Necklace Set- AAA Quality
    INR 327,700.00 196,620
  • 40 % off
    10.0-12.0mmWhite South Sea Pearls Necklace Set-AAA Quality
    INR 412,300.00 247,380
  • 40 % off
    Beautiful Navaratan Beads Necklace
    INR 284,100.00 170,460
  • 40 % off New Arrivals
    12-13 MM Golden South Sea Pearls Necklace Set-AA Quality
    INR 376,100.00 225,660
  • 40 % off
    12 -14 MM South Sea Multi Shaded Pearls Necklace Set-A Quality
    INR 615,300.00 369,180
  • 40 % off New Arrivals
    Real Emerald Mala
    INR 256,120.00 153,672

Pearls are never too much or too little for any woman. They are one gem that has remained in fashion for decades now and continue to enthrall women across the globe. Women love to adorn a pearl necklace because it reflects light in such a way that it instantly adds a glow to the complexion in the most flattering way. 

Mangatrai brings to its elite clientele a range of pearl necklaces in a variety of styles and shapes. The highly skilled craftsmanship reflects in the designs that perfectly amalgamates the traditional and modern elements.  You can now easily browse through several pearl necklaces online for yourself and your loved ones and have the vintage piece delivered to your doorstep. When you buy a pearl necklace online from Mangatrai you are guaranteed that the pearls are devoid of impurities and are of the highest quality. 

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