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Giving a modern take to the classic pearls, Mangatrai combines them with real gemstones like ruby stone and emerald stone to create jewellery that has a vibrant punch to it.  Always ahead of the game, Mangatrai incorporates candy-colored beads like emerald beads, ruby beads, and blue sapphire beads along with freshwater and saltwater cultured pearls of different shapes and colors to come up with necklace designs that are truly unique and gorgeous.

A pearl with natural beads necklace is all you need to instantly brighten up your dull ensemble. Shop for classic, dazzling, casual yet elegant pearl necklaces only from Mangatrai online site for assured quality and satisfaction guarantee. 

  • 40 % off
    11-14.0mm Black Tahitian Saltwater Pearl Necklace Set-AA Quality
    INR 398,334.00 239,000
  • 40 % off
    Real Tanzanite Beads Necklace
    INR 275,000.00 165,000
  • 40 % off
    10.0-12.0mmWhite South Sea Pearls Necklace Set-AAA Quality
    INR 266,670.00 160,002
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