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There is no denying that everyone loves pearls! Holding a thing from the past, pearl earrings have effortlessly made their way into the lives of modern women who find the ability to rock pearl tops with a pantsuit and even sweatpants very liberating.

From their popularity among stylish celebrities to their place in politics, white pearl tops make women look bold, beautiful, classy, and refined. When you explore the range of pearl earrings online at Mangatrai you will be pleasantly surprised by the offerings. The pearl stone tops add a pop of color to make your boring outfit look lively, and black pearl tops are a good pick if you want to instantly captivate the interest of people around you. 

  • 40 % off
    11-14.0mm Black Tahitian Saltwater Pearl Necklace Set-AA Quality
    INR 398,334.00 239,000
  • Best Seller
    Gold Balls with Pearls Ruby Emerald Necklace
    INR 194,786.75 164,825
  • 40 % off
    Real Tanzanite Beads Necklace
    INR 275,000.00 165,000
  • 40 % off
    10.0-12.0mmWhite South Sea Pearls Necklace Set-AAA Quality
    INR 266,670.00 160,002
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