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Elegant Saltwater Cultured Pearl Gold Necklace

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Founded in 1905, Mangatrai Jewellers is a family business of five generations of reputed merchants dealing in Pearls, Diamond and Precious Gems. From a small, humble beginning, Mangatrai Jewellers has evolved into a leading jewellers with a client base that straddles India, Europe, USA and the Gulf countries. Our unswerving commitment to excellence has acquired us a reputation for creating quality jewellery of refined craftsmanship and pure elegance.

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Product Description

Product Description:

Perfectly handcrafted 22k gold and pearl necklace with pretty gold balls. Its perfect for any occasion due to its timeless design and elegance. Wear it with a saree, kurti or even with western formal...

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Product Specification



Pearls- Round



Pearls- Golden

Pearl size


8 -8.5 MM

Pearl Quality



No. of Rows





18-19 Inches

Gross Wt


30.720 Gms

Gold Wt


12.120 Gms

Pearls & Stone Wt


93.00 Cts

Gold Purity





Saltwater Cultured Pearls



Life Long Guarantee on Gold, Pearls and Natural Stones


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Weight (gms) 16.810 8.510 11.660
Purity fo Gold (K) 22 22 22
Wastage (%) 12 12 12
Color Multicolor Stones and Pearls Cream Multicolor Stones and Pearls
Material Type Gold With Pearls Gold With Pearls Gold With Pearls
SHAPE Round, Uncut Beads Round, Oval Round, Uncut Beads
NO OF LINES 1 Line 2 Lines 1 Line
COLOUR Green, Cream, Red White, Cream Green, Cream, Red
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STONE TYPE Natural Ruby, Saltwater Cultured Pearls, Natural Emerald Saltwater Cultured Pearls, Freshwater Cultured Pearls Natural Ruby, Saltwater Cultured Pearls, Natural Emerald
LENGTH 18-19 Inches 18-19 Inches 18-19 Inches

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