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Superior Pink Oval Pearl Necklace and Bracelet

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Founded in 1905, Mangatrai Jewellers is a family business of five generations of reputed merchants dealing in Pearls, Diamond and Precious Gems. From a small, humble beginning, Mangatrai Jewellers has evolved into a leading jewellers with a client base that straddles India, Europe, USA and the Gulf countries. Our unswerving commitment to excellence has acquired us a reputation for creating quality jewellery of refined craftsmanship and pure elegance.

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Product Specification

This is made from the most precious pearls from Mangatrai. Pearls are the Queen of Gems meant for the Queens and Princess in life. It is the best gift for your loved ones, Mother, Sister, Wife, Daughter, Girlfriend, niece, friend, colleague, Grandmother, Granddaughter and to countless other precious people in your life.

Our Reputation is your best guarantee of Satisfaction.

The Product in the Picture is the Product you will receive.


Pearl Quality

This is the pearl quality standard set by Mangatrai Expertise on the basis of:

  1. Type: Pearls may be freshwater cultured pearls, salt water cultured pearls or natural pearls.
  2. Shape: Pearls can come in various different shapes, i.e. round, oval, button, baroque and others.
  3. Size: Pearls vary in size from small as 1mm to as big as 18mm size.
  4. Surface: Pearls surface can be categoriesed as clean, lightly spotted or moderately spotted.
  5. Luster: The luster (Shine) of the pearls can be excellent, good or fair.

Based on these dimensions Mangatrai Grading system grades pearls as.

A – Moderate Quality of Pearls.

AA - Good Quality of Pearls.

AAA - Excellent Quality of Pearls.


Pearls Colours.

Freshwater cultured pearls come in a variety of different natural colours including white, pink, peach, cream, and others.

Saltwater cultured pearls come in a variety of different natural colours including Golden, White, Cream, Grey, Black and others.

Note: If Fresh water cultured pearls is colour enhanced or treated black, grey, purple or other colours. These pearls too retain lifelong colour on the pearls.



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