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Where can I buy a good polki jewelry collection in Hyderabad?

One of the earliest types of jewelry creation is polki. Although it arrived in India with the Mughals, it has since assimilated deeply into Indian society. In India, Polki jewelry is just as well-liked as its precursor, Kundan jewelry, that has Rajasthani roots. What makes Polki jewelry so unique and stunningly gorgeous? The fact that they're made of diamonds, for starters. Moreover, they are hand-made by a few of the best and most talented artisans. Yes, the Polki stones, also known as the stones utilized in Polki, are uncut, unfinished diamonds that were mined directly.

Polki jewelry:

The diamond used in Polki is uncut and unpolished, it does not undergo any physical or chemical alterations. They are typically cut to conform to the initial structure of the stone and are frequently kept in their original rough form. They have a non-faceted polished surface. Gold foil is used to create the elaborate motifs on the back of polki jewelry. These gold foils are then used to secure the uncut diamonds. Because polki jewelry is traditional and ageless, it is a wise investment that is frequently passed down through generations as keepsakes.

It must be quite obvious by now as to how tedious and time consuming the entire process must be. Thus, this art is highly specific to the craftsman and cannot be compromised with. At Darpan Mangatrai, expert craftsmen invest plenty of hours to birth a beautiful polki bridal jewelry. The quality and efforts are worth noting. These craftsmen have been working with the Mangatrai family for decades and work delicately with every minute piece to develop a certain detail. The eye-catching masterpieces are then sold to the customers looking to style them with their bridal or party outfits.

Value of Real Polki jewelry:

Jewelry made of polki is highly pricey. Especially since they use gold as the base and the intricate usage of diamonds and other valuable stones, the designs call for exceptionally talented artisans. They are valued based on a number of variables, including carat, clarity, cut, and color. These factors contribute to Polki jewelry typically costing more than Kundan jewelry. Diamond Polki is an exquisite piece of art. It personifies loveliness. Very few people are aware that Polki jewelry is made from uncut real diamonds. In actuality, Polki is a naturally mined uncut diamond that is extracted from the earth. Also, the diamonds used to create the one-of-a-kind Polki jewelry "art" pieces are not improved in any manner, which means, they are rough and raw. Polki bridal jewelry sets are very in-demand, especially among would-be brides, because they are essentially just raw, untreated diamonds.

Types of Polki settings:

As if polki itself isn’t beautiful the way it is, there are various types of polki settings that a bride can potentially choose from. They are:

  1. Jadau: The term "embodiment" in Hindi refers to jewelry that has Polki diamonds embedded on a silver or gold foil, giving the piece of jewelry a beautiful sheen when it reflects light.
  2. Bedroom setting: Polkis are packed with 24K gold in the bathroom setting, which has a tulle design and a jaali pattern.
  3. Takkar setting: Without using any metal packing, embedded Polkis are arranged edge to edge in a takkar polki configuration.

Why is polki jewelry trending?

1. It is timeless:
When it comes to Polki jewelry, traditionalism is regarded more highly than fashion. Consider traditional investments and heirlooms that the bride could one day send down as her legacy.

2. Extravagant designs:
Uncut diamonds are frequently adorned with meenakari or multicolored metal work. In order to add some color, they are also placed next to south sea pearls and jewels. While rubies and emeralds were the preferred gemstones in the past, contemporary favorites now include pastel-hued stones like Russian emeralds, morganites, amethysts, and even polished diamonds.

3. It is super practical:
Bridal jewelry has typically favored a maximalist aesthetic. However, adding practicality to the purchases has also resulted in a mentality shift. Contemporary women aren't interested in pricey fine jewelry that will hardly be worn after their wedding.

How to style polki jewelry:

With the wedding season approaching with massive speed, there are plenty of brides-to-be who are looking forward to their day. But, the wedding jitters could very well be on peak as well. To make their tasks easier, we have curated some amazing styling tips with the help of fashion experts at Darpan Mangatrai.

1. Layer it:
With a Polki and Kundan combination, let your jewelry speak for itself on your wedding day. For the contemporary bride, a layered Polki necklace set or polki satlada haar with rubies or emeralds will lend flair to your ensemble. To highlight the magnificence of the necklace, it can be worn as a compliment to pastel-colored lehengas in hues like blue, green, or pink. Add a Maang Tikka or a pair of big diamond earrings to balance this gorgeous ensemble.

2. Choose a statement piece:
Make an impact with your jewelry by wearing some statement earrings or necklace. Jhumka earrings are historically popular bridal accessories, and now you can give this traditional Polki earring design a modern twist. To enhance your attire and frame your face in this lovely piece of work, Polki diamonds can be set in gold Jhumkas and finished with Meenakari detail.

3. MIx and match:
It can be difficult to choose the perfect jewelry from the wide variety of choices available, but matching is always a good idea. Create unique jewelry to match the outfit by starting with a Polki pattern and adding a few gemstones of one's choosing. This will not only help you appear your absolute best on your wedding day, but you can also change the design whenever you like!

4. Go minimal:
These days, minimalism is the rage, and many brides choose a lighter aesthetic over bulky statement items. Soft Polki jewelry embellished with pastel coloured stones will add a touch of understated beauty to your bridal attire. These colorful, handy, and lightweight accessories are the ideal finishing flourish for your wedding attire. To represent the character and taste of a contemporary minimalist bride, finish the look with just a Maang Tikka or a Matha Patti.

Collection at Darpan Mangatrai:

At Darpan Mangatrai, you can find an array of jewelry ranging from bridal wear to regular wear. You will be guided by experts throughout the process who will help you pick nothing but the piece best suited for your style. One could buy there all at once. Additionally, we accept design-specific customization demands at no additional cost.

Why Darpan Mangatrai:

Well, you can anticipate full transparency at Darpan Mangatrai. Only the best goods will be displayed to you. Your taste and, more importantly, your budget will be taken into consideration as our specialists work to find you a product. We also offer video calls upon request, allowing you to see the products of your choosing in real time. What else? In addition to a lifelong guarantee, free shipping, 100% exchanges, a seven-day return policy, and an authentic certification of each product, we also offer these services. To speak with our experts immediately, contact us via Whatsapp or Instagram.

How to contact:

The in-store purchasing experience is unique at Darpan Mangatrai. The shop has it all covered, from first-rate assistance to a quick billing process. However, if you are interested in making an order online, you can WhatsApp the online executive directly or contact them via the store's Instagram account. The website also allows for purchase placement. Darpan Mangatrai puts its customers first, so they give a tonne of deals and discounts almost all year long.


The most common wedding jewelry includes polki jewelry, a timeless classic that can be paired and combined in a variety of ways to really show off your individuality. At Darpan Mangatrai, there is a Polki pattern to suit your taste, whether you choose to go basic or extravagant. Due to its adaptability, it has become a go-to piece of jewelry for many women.

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