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Where can I buy a real choker design?

A choker is a neck piece that fits snugly around the neck and is usually between 14 and 16 inches long. Velvet, plastic, jewels, latex, leather, metal, like silver, gold, or platinum, and other materials can all be used to create chokers. They are embellished in many ways, such as with sequins, jewels, or a pendant.

Choker necklace symbol:

Chokers have significance beyond just being fashionable. When we consider how far back in time they date, they transcend mere fashion sense. Ancient Egyptians and the Sumerians, two of the world's earliest cultures, both wore chokers. Some scholars claim that Cleopatra was a huge fan of chokers. Women wore chokers back then as a neutral piece of jewelry to either accentuate or conceal defects on their necks. Women believed those certain ornaments to be protective because they thought the neck was the most exposed portion of the body.

Additionally, they thought chokers made of gold were endowed with unique abilities. Therefore, a lot of antique jewelry was worn as a talisman and is protective and amuletic.

Revival of chokers:

Choker fashion was revived in the 1970s and particularly with the emergence of the punk scene in the 1990s. Stars like Lenny Kravitz, Britney, Gwen Stefani, Beyoncé, as well as other pop and rock icons sported edgy chokers. Chokers became extremely popular in this new era of revival and a representation of a growing young culture of rebellion. Chokers became unisex and a means to experience the newest fashion trends when male celebrities began donning them.

Back then, people's freedom and self-expression were intentionally or unconsciously portrayed by the edgy style of chokers. This is particularly significant in light of the fact that chokers have historically been associated with oppression. They now represent the difficult journey women took from oppression and violence to body and self-expression liberation.

Reasons why chokers make great fashion statement:

01. They are eye catchy:

People effectively pay attention to chokers because of their distinct position and distinctive appearance that set them apart from necklaces. Every woman desires her styling efforts to be noticed and praised. The choker is a representation of exactly this, of how to always be in other people's sights. Since the neck is more noticeable than the bosom, a choker will always draw attention, regardless of what else you're wearing. Your choker will instantly place you in the spotlight!

02. Represents fearlessness:

Statement-piece chokers are preferred by women who want to project their courage to others. This may occasionally even be a subconscious method of displaying muscle and power. Sometimes, even without your conscious purpose, donning a choker can reveal the deepest desires and inspire you to prove to the world that you are capable of being fearless, strong, and courageous. This is because many things are hidden from awareness.

03. Accentuates the neck:

Even ancient cultures like the Egyptians, including Cleopatra, held the opinion that wearing a necklace enhances one's neck's beauty. That is wholly accurate. Ladies who wear chokers can lengthen and emphasize their long necks. Even those with short necks can highlight their length by donning an appropriate choker, such as our intriguing diamond choker.

Choker collection at Darpan Mangatrai:

At Darpan Mangatrai, we have a huge range of choker designs available ranging from daily wear to party wear. Our chokers are delicately handcrafted by expert craftsmen who ensure sturdy and attractive pieces are being given out. The designs are embellished with diamonds, pearls, rubies, emeralds and other various precious and semi-precious gemstones. Further in this article we shall describe our best seller chokers in detail.

Here, we offer a wide range of offers and ensure you are given a product that fits your style and budget.

01. Uncut diamond and emerald choker set:

This beautiful set is donned with uncut diamonds and emeralds which make an absolutely lethal combination. Goes without saying, this set comes with a lovely choker and a pair of matching studs. It is designed to match practically any outfit you want to style it with. Besides, it can also be used as a statement piece.

02. Nizami Guluban choker set:

These days, Hyderabadi choker sets online are trending massively. This beautiful Nizami Guluban choker is intricately detailed with pearls and diamonds. This subtle yet stunning piece is fit to be worn on office outfits as well. It will also make a beautiful statement piece. This choker, again, is accompanied with a matching set of earrings.

03. Sparkling diamond choker:

Diamonds are genuinely girl’s best friends. A sparkling diamond choker can change the way your outfit looks and we absolutely stand by it. This beautiful piece has a gold belt that fits snuggly on your neck.

04. Pearl choker:

There is nothing pearls won’t look good on. Pearl chokers are definitely a must have piece when it comes to your wardrobe. At Darpan Mangatrai, you can easily customize your choker as in the number of layers and the type of pearls you are looking for. A staple in Indian pearl choker sets is a pearl choker set. Absolutely versatile piece!

Tips to style your choker:

  • 01. Pair them with everyday outfits: Combination sets are the best method to wear a choker necklace. A colorful choker and a pendant necklace can be worn together, and you can even add further thin gold chains to the mix to create a more eclectic look. Try pairing it with your regular attire or a button-down blouse. With a touch of mindfulness thrown in, it's sure to draw acclaim for its originality.
  • 02. Style layered pearl choker with a dark outfit: If you adore pearl jewelry, you presumably constantly seek out novel ways to style your preferred stone. Even though you will always have a soft spot in your heart for classic strands, a fresh spin on a timeless style is always appreciated. This kind of choker necklace focuses on letting you experiment with and reevaluate your personal style. For a party, pair it with a lovely dark-colored short dress, or for any event, pair it with a traditional saree.
  • 03. Pair it with off shoulder or one shoulder tops: The ideal accessory for one-shoulder or off-shoulder dresses is a gorgeous designer choker that accentuates your stunning collarbones while delicately resting on your neck.
  • 04. Modern choker designs for low cut outfits: Try wearing more futuristic yet exquisite jewelry with low cuts and ultra-deep necklines, such as an edgy, metallic choker with a drop accent. Its playful design and glossy finish offer you a distinctly eye-catching appearance.

How to shop at Darpan Mangatrai:

The in-store purchasing experience is unique at Darpan Mangatrai. The shop has it all covered, from first-rate assistance to a quick billing process. However, if you are interested in making an order online, you can WhatsApp the online executive directly or contact them via the store's Instagram account. The website also allows for purchase placement. Customers may also demand a video call if they need one to get a better and closer look at the merchandise. At Darpan Mangatrai, the customer enjoys benefits such as free shipping services, 100% exchange and 7 day shipping policy.

Darpan Mangatrai puts its customers first, so they give a tonne of deals and discounts almost all year long.


Well, chokers are versatile and a must have piece in every wardrobe. These pieces make a wonderful style statement and can elevate your entire outfit. We ensure you only get the best and authentic pieces, hence, we make sure you are given an authenticity certificate for your every purchase with us.

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