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Where can I find kundan chokers for wedding in Hyderabad?

Kundan ornaments, a common heritage in jewellery kits, hold unique significance in the nation. The cherished art of making kundan jewellery has its origins in the past royal age and has been faithfully handed down through the centuries. One-of-a-kind masterpieces are considered to be the consequence of the painstaking amount of labour and precision used to construct each piece.

Meaning of kundans:

Kundan is a type of gold jewellery that typically has a wax core. This form of jewellery typically uses 24k pure gold, which is what the word "kundan" itself refers to as highly refined pure gold. One of the oldest types of jewellery in India, the bridal kundan jewellery set has a long history dating back more than 2,500 years. Only the jadayi portion, which is finally known as kundan, is done in 24 karat gold since it is slightly softer than other metals. Kundan making is often referred to as jadau jewellery.

Origin of kundan jewellery:

Kundan jewellery is one of the earliest types of jewellery made in India, with origins in the Rajput and Mughal eras. The Mughals' support allowed this style to flourish after it was introduced to the nation many years ago. Royal families in India successfully adapted it after then. The art and workmanship from the Mughal and Rajput eras may still be seen in this type of jewellery today. For example, this green kundan jewellery set from our collection is an antique design.

Kundan jewellery at Darpan Mangatrai:

Now, designing a kundan choker set can be an extremely time taking and tedious process. However, the results are magnificent. Kundan jewellery is made with a great deal of perseverance and care. As a result, it goes through a number of processes that makes Kundan jewellery even more perfect. Moreover, at Darpan Mangatrai, expert craftsmen take up the responsibility to produce gorgeous and most stunning pieces. Each jewel is delicately crafted to produce a piece that you cannot resist. You can visit the official website to find the kundan jewellery set with prices.

Fake kundan vs real kundan:

Having thorough knowledge of genuine kundan jewellery is crucial when shopping. To distinguish between imitation and authentic pieces, one needs to have a fundamental knowledge of jewellery and craftsmanship. Kundan choker necklace should, however, come accompanied with management practices on performance from the jeweller since it is set in 24 carat gold. In order to reduce the possibility of fake jewellery, you may also look for genuine stamps on the jewellery. At darpan Mangatrai, we promise quality and authentic products. The kundans we use are absolutely authentic and you get an authenticity certificate with your every purchase with us.

Cultural significance of kundan jewellery for brides:

Kundan is frequently used at weddings because of its refined and graceful appearance. Indian traditional jewellery has always been rather bulky and made up of large gold pieces. Kundan jewellery is now being made lower in weight with the passage of time, and Indian brides are once again embracing it. Each bride wants to shine on her wedding day, and royals prefer this style of jewellery for a reason. Heavy diamond sets frequently do not match the traditional bridal outfit as well as kundan jewellery.

Kundan jewellery styling tips for brides:

1. Mix and match your pieces together:
If you want all of your jewellery to have the same uniform appearance, you can typically purchase kundan pairs. Even so, you can find kundan jewellery created with various motif designs that complement one another if you want to spice up the jewellery. Items made of kundan can also be hung with a valuable or semi-precious stone. If you don't want to go with a full kundan set, you can always match the jewellery appropriately. A pair of pearl earrings would go well with a kundan pendant with pearl danglers, for example. It can also be paired with rubies and emeralds.

2. Match kundan to your outfits:
Kundan sets are unique in that they complement almost every attire. The vivid, colourless stones go with anything you can think of, but kundan sets are also offered with coloured stone settings if you want them to appear to be a part of your attire. These are available in classic hues like pink, blue, red, and others, and they look great with many different ensembles. When matching your jewellery to your ensembles, you should also consider the cut of the blouse. For instance, long kundan necklaces will indeed appear gorgeous with blouses with short collars.

3. Match Kudan to your theme:
Kundan bridal sets are available in such a wide range of styles and dimensions that it doesn't take much thought to fit them to your daily theme. With the constantly changing selection of designs available today, you could wear a modern, contemporary design to a Bollywood-themed reception or even a very traditional kundan jewellery set for a regal wedding. The royalty is still present while, in addition to the bridal lehenga or saree, you also can add some funk and modern flair by pairing these with the indo-western dresses and other clothing. This is in keeping with the image which Aishwariya Rai conveyed in her role as Jodha in the movie Jodha Akbar.

Kundan jewellery collection at Darpan mangatrai:

Darpan mangatrai, the top most jewellery store in Hyderabad, is rich with huge options of kundan chokers and jewellery. The store also provides a great deal of offers throughout the year. What's more? You will also be handed a certificate of authenticity for every product you purchase. Since it's not quite possible to visit the store during the wedding season with endless festivities in hand, darpan mangatrai also offers free shipping with 100% exchange and 7 days exchange for their products. Moreover, you'll also be assisted via a video call wherein you can pick your product real time.


Chokers, on the other hand, are useful and essential accessories for every wardrobe. These accessories may upgrade your complete look and make a great fashion statement. We make sure you receive only the greatest and most genuine items. You absolutely can shop with us without any hassle under your budget.

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