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Where can I purchase genuine pearl in India?

Where Can I Purchase Genuine Pearl In India?

Top 3 Best Places to Buy Pearls in India include:
  • 1. Expert Pearl Dealers Online (mangatrai.com) *Top Pick
  • 2. Traditional Luxury Retail Stores (Darpan Mangatrai, Tiffany’s , etc.)
  • 3. Large E-commerce networks (Amazon, Flipkart, etc.)

01. Expert Pearl Dealers Online:

Purchase pearls from expert pearl dealers with pearl knowledge and expertise. www.mangatrai.com is top pick by pearl connoisseurs. Mangatrai (branded as Darpan Mangatrai) is a household name for pearls in India and is a house to expert pearl graders. This is the best option for you to buy pearls as an E-store has low overheads.

02. Traditional Luxury Retail Stores:

Purchase genuine pearls from Hyderabad in India; as it is the hub for pearl craftsmen and dealers across the globe. Hyderabad synonymous to the “City of Pearls” is a house of quality pearls at affordable and reasonable prices. A large share of worldwide pearl produce comes to Hyderabad, India; for processing and labor, therefore making it a hot-spot for pearls shopping. Darpan Mangatrai is well-renowned brand of quality pearls in the country for over a century, making it a must visit place to shop pearls whenever you plan a visit to Hyderabad. Its flagship store is located in Punjagutta, the center of the city.

03. Large E-commerce networks:

Purchasing pearls from E-commerce giants like Amazon and Flipkart in India is another option, however, less preferred. This option is not preferred by most people looking for pearls, as there is doubt on guarantee of pearl vendors and authenticity of pearls.

Where can I buy real pearls online?

If you are unable to travel to Hyderabad, there are many genuine E-shops to buy real pearls online from. Before purchasing pearls online, always check if an E-shop offers the following:

  • Pearl Genuinely/Authenticity Certificate
  • Lifetime Exchange/Return Guarantee
  • Transparent Pricing
  • Responsive Contact Number and Store Address

A genuine dealer selling online would offer these as a minimum requirement to satisfy a customer. Buy real pearls online from Darpan Mangatrai’s E-store as it is a top pearl brand of India and offers great products. With its digital store, Darpan Mangatrai makes shopping for pearls online very easy by delivering to one’s doorstep.

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